Smoke Free Dining in Nebraska

With GASP’s help the cities of Lincoln and Omaha passed smoke-free laws for most businesses. This was followed by GASP getting a state law passed to make just about every business smoke free. A notable exception are in-home day cares and cigar bars.

It is up to each business to decide if they want to allow smoking near their doors, windows or air-intake vents or in their outdoor seating area.

If you see evidence of or smell smoking outdoors, please be nice and ask the manager to make all of their outdoor areas smoke free.

If the smoke from people walking on the sidewalk bothers your dining experience, please contact your elected officials and ask them to follow other cities’ lead and make the city sidewalks smoke free! Click the links for the Omaha City Council and Mayor's office. Other elected officials may be found by contacting your City Clerk.