This section will be updated in January 2017 when our Unicameral starts introducing new legislation. Please check back here to find out whom your state representative is and how they vote on important issues! In the meantime, visit the Nebraska Unicameral website to find out current information.

Bills in the Nebraska Legislature

GASP is proposing the following legislation for the State, Cities and Counties in Nebraska to adopt.

Allow Counties to Tax Tobacco REQ00059
Eliminate tobacco vending machines that are accessible to children REQ00016
Increase Allocation for TFN with Half spent on Counter Advertisements REQ00034
Make in-home daycares and their vehicles smoke free all of the time REQ00057
No Smoking In Car With Minor REQ00036
Raise Age to Buy Tobacco to 19 REQ00035
Smoke Free Within 25 Feet of Entrance, Window or Air Intake REQ00131
Smoke-Free Outdoors at Schools, Restaurants, Sports, Concerts REQ00078
Smoke-Free Public School Grounds REQ00056
Tobacco-Free Foster Homes REQ00058