What Can I do?

Get involved.

Protect YOUR child. Protect other children.

There are many simple ways you can make a difference in children’s health:

1. Ask your elected officials to require all business that allow children in their buildings to be 100% smoke free. Or, better yet, ask them to require all businesses to be smoke free.

2. If you smoke, never smoke in your car, home or in a business where your child may enter. It takes at least two weeks for the smoke to completely leave those places.

3. Don’t take your child to any business that allows smoking, including bars, restaurants, bowling centers and the Family Fun Plex in Omaha.

4. Make sure your day care is 100% smoke free

5. Smell your baby when you get him or her back from day care to see if you smell smoke. If you do, report the day care to Health and Human Services System (HHSS) and find a new day care that is smoke free.

6. Don’t allow your child to go to people’s homes if smoking is allowed in them.

7. Don’t allow your child to ride in other people’s cars if smoking is allowed in them.

8. Hire babysitters who do not smoke.

9. Tell babysitters that they must not smoke in your home or in their car if they take your child in it.

10. Do not take your child to a relative’s or friend’s home if they ever smoke in that home.

11. Do not allow your child to ride in a relative’s or friend’s car if they ever smoke in that car.

12. Write a letter to the editor of the newspapers you read about this issue.

13. Call radio talk shows to discuss this important issue.

14. Talk with your friends and family about this important issue

15. Tell GASP about other ways to protect children from secondhand smoke by sending an Email message to: